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Continuing Professional Development

The Venn Colleges invest in the development and training of all our staff and use their collective approach to source the highest standard of external CPD and training materials. Through collective approach to CPD we are able to share development experience and source the highest quality trainers.

Working collaboratively, the five member colleges provide internal training opportunities for aspiring leaders, including programmes for colleagues aspiring to run departments and larger teams, and those whose ambitions lie in a future senior leadership position.

As a group of Colleges we individually and collectively invest in the professional development of our staff, we believe that supporting individuals in their professional and personal development is key to maintaining our high standards of teaching and ensures we are are always at the forefront of new developments within education. Our forward thinking, strategic approaches to CPD means our College staff have the most relevant sector skills 

As a member of Venn Staff you can access:

  • Past recordings of Venn CPD activities
  • Learn about new CPD activites
  • Shared CPD resources

Leadership Conference

The Venn Colleges recently hosted our annual Leadership Conference which was kindly sponsored by the University of Hull. The event focused on ‘Leadership in Uncertain Times

In addition to contributions from Venn College staff key speakers included:

Steve Munby: Former Director of Education for Knowsley Local Education Authority in Merseyside. He is Visiting Professor at University College London Centre for Educational Leadership and is Chair of the Teaching Awards Trust

Dr Tom Hoyland: Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour with a focus on Leadership

Arnie Skelton: training and development company, Effective.

As well as internal speakers from each College including HR and Teaching and Learning professionals.

Further details about each of the speakers can be found by accessing the event platform.

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