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Hello & welcome to Venn Colleges. Our group is committed to improving the life chances for young people and adults across North and East Yorkshire, Hull, and Northern Lincolnshire.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and place our students at the heart of all that we do. Each college in the Venn Group prepares young people to stretch their potential and make a real difference in the professions and skills they progress into.

The communities we serve are our life blood. We work closely with employers in our region, and with schools and Universities, to ensure that our students enrich the economy, culture and life of their local community.

We are proud of each and every one of our students, and of our amazing staff and governors. Together, the Venn Group can make a real difference to our region.

Colin Peaks, Venn Colleges Chair

Five sixth form colleges working together

Group Overview

The Venn Colleges are a group of five sixth form colleges based in the Yorkshire and Humber Region who strive for excellence through collaboration.

The five members of the Venn Group are Franklin Sixth Form College, Grimsby; John Leggott College, Scunthorpe; Scarborough Sixth Form College, Wilberforce Sixth Form College, Hull, and Wyke Sixth Form College, Hull. 

Founded in 2018 the group has developed an effective collaborative approach in a number of key areas.

  • Ranked by the Department for Education as the best colleges in the area.
  • 7,700 students and 660 staff.
  • Over 150 years’ experience working with 16-19 year olds.

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Transition and Progression

Continuing Professional Development

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Maximising our expertise


The Colleges at the heart of this partnership believe that together, through a collaborative approach they can maximise staff expertise and resources in order to further enhance the experience of students within their Colleges. 

Collectively the Colleges are passionate about delivering the highest standard of education and improve the social mobility of young people within the region, collaborating together in a number of ways to ensure we offer the best experience we can.

  • Staff Development 
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Business Support collaboration
  • Student support
  • Enrichment 
  • Staff and student conferences and events 
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But don't just takeour word for it...

My teachers have all inspired me, provided me with confidence, and helped me realise my academic potential. I am also very grateful for all the support I have received from my family. I always knew I wanted to join John Leggott College, especially for the A Level Economics programme but the college is so much more than that, the A*spire programme is fantastic and the independence we receive whilst belonging to a community. JLC has also been so responsive over the last year, right from the beginning of the pandemic. They have reflected and adapted quickly to virtual teaching and have been ahead of the game, if not on par with private schools with extensive resources available. Learning virtually is not what I envisioned when joining the college, but it has also taught me to be more independent – a useful skill for university.

Vignesh Kamath, Accepted at Cambridge University, John Leggott College

I think my favourite part of studying at Wyke has been the people I have met. I’ve made some top mates and had the pleasure of working under some exceptional teachers. Additionally, the College just has the right ambiance of achievement that you can’t help but work hard and strive for success as a student.

Matthew Pinder, former Driffield School student. Studying A level History, A level English Language and A level Government & Politics

Studying at Scarborough Sixth Form College not only helped me to learn new skills, but also helped me to grow more confident as a person.

Adam Dawson

I chose Wilberforce because of the supportive teaching staff and the welcoming feel of the college. My favourite memory of Wilberforce would be the heart dissection that we did in A Level Biology; I had so much fun and the staff let me stay after class to further explore the anatomy of the heart.

The Excellence Programme along with the excellent Careers advice really helped me weigh up my options and supported me through university applications. Our trip to the Oxford and Cambridge open days really stuck with me. My time at Wilberforce has provided me with some of my best memories of education; I made friends for life and loved the college so much I went back as a university student for two years to mentor and help Biology students with their revision.

Emily Stonham, Biomedical Science student, Wilberforce College

After Wilberforce I completed a 4 year degree in Chemistry at the University of Warwick, which included a year in the Netherlands as a Research & Development scientist for DSM, a multinational company specialising in health, nutrition and materials. I graduated with a 1st Class Master’s degree in Chemistry. This qualified me for the Science Graduate programme with Thames Water, where I am currently working in environmental regulation as part of this programme. I am also working towards further qualifications to be a Registered Scientist. I will always look back on my time at Wilberforce as a place that enabled me to discover my field, provided a platform for me to succeed and left me with a mind-set that strives to achieve more.

David Robson, Environmental Scientist, Wilberforce College

Studying at Franklin, I loved all four courses in my first year. It suited me perfectly

to be analysing feminist poetry in the morning, conjugating verbs before lunch, and integrating exponential functions in the afternoon. Sadly I had to let one go - I dropped French moving into my second year, having developed an intention to apply for Economics at university.

I did well in my second year at Franklin, and moved on to St Hugh's College, Oxford where I benefitted from some of the best tutoring in the world.
All of this gave me a superb footing to move into business. I'm now working at a strategy consultancy in Oxford as an analyst.

Tom Crump, Franklin College

Throughout my time at Franklin Sixth Form College I was always interested in the sciences, and in particular the fantastic Biology course at Franklin.

Having gained A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Law at Franklin College I first went on to the University of Sheffield to study a BSc in Biomedical Science. I then gained experience in many different departments of the large teaching hospitals in Sheffield as well as spending time locally in Grimsby hospital. From this experience, I decided that I wanted to become a diagnostic radiographer and therefore got back in touch with my old tutors at Franklin who were more than happy to help me reapply for a degree in Diagnostic Radiography.

Claudia Foster, Franklin College
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Enhancing experiences


The Colleges work with both Higher Education and Employers to enhance the experience of our students whilst they study and also increase their progression opportunities in the future

The Venn Group work closely with employers and providers of high quality training to ensure that our students are well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Uniquely amongst sixth form providers, we offer innovative and highly successful professional internships, career readiness programmes, and vocational courses with employer-led learning. 

Our Colleges

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